Content- The Crucial Factor For Ranking Fast on Google

how content can assist you to rank fast on search engine.

Content publishing is an important segment for SEO as well as the smartest strategy for ranking fast on Search Engine.

Content is the paramount segment for any website for ranking on search engine within a short time.

Perhaps you are deploying your relentless efforts to ranking your website on Google. Maybe, you are searching every day which one is the effective method for ranking fast your blogging site or business website.

However, do you know, only content can work as a medium for ranking your website?

In this article, I will show you why content is a vital part for your website to rank fast as well as you will learn how to select a compelling content that will mesmerize visitors to read your whole content.

For your reading convenience, below I have created an index so that you read any particular part of this article quickly.

Importance of Content 

Content publishing is a vigorous strategy, although, you may get myriads of suggestions from people to follow those strategies for ranking fast and I am not gainsaying the benefits of those strategies eventually.

But, my first and foremost suggestion will be for you to post content regularly on your website. Google will take of you only at that time when you could cater service to its visitors.

Content is also considered as a crucial part for SEO. Why not? When you start to publish informative contents, you will receive huge traffics. As a result, Google will start to rank you from that time

Suppose, you have a website where you provide Digital Marketing services. So, You wrote a content regarding why “Digital Marketing” is crucial. 

You selected several precious keywords and speculated that no one yet writes on that topic. So, when a user searches on the google for conceiving why “Digital Marketing” is crucial, Google will show your content on the first position.

It is likely, because, you selected the unique topic for content and users are searching for this topic. Even, you picked several precious keywords which have high search volume but low competition.

It is the primary procedure to rank fast on the Search Engine. But, the question is-

If I publish contents everyday, will Google rank me easily? 

The answer will be “No“.

Before going to create  content, you have to keep in mind several factors. First of all-

  • For whom you are writing?
  • In which topic, you are writing?
  • Why have you selected this particular topic?
  • Does Google have already contents on this topic?
  • Which one is your focus keyword?
  • Did you select the focus keyword after completing keyword research
  • Which are the other keywords for using inside of the content

Which type of content you should select?

Before going to cook your content, you should find out those answers, and I can tell you tenaciously that, if you maintain those answers, you can rank your content easily.

It exhaustively depends on you. But I can help you to know about three basic type of contents, and these are-

  • Education type content.
  • Brand Storytelling.
  • Entertainment type content. 

Education type content

Education type content means you will illustrate any procedure of anything. Means, not describing straightway, rather than, you have to teach something step by step.

Suppose, you could choose any “How to” type of topic where you will teach about any process. But, remember that, if you could not exhibit appropriately, you will increase more bounce rate lieu of ranking.

In this type of content, you should share enormous relevant screenshots, and you have to describe the whole process in the simplest way so that your visitors could understand that what you are trying to make them understand.

As a result, they will stay longer on your website and eventually Google, the king of the search engine will take care of you.

Brand Storytelling 

Brand storytelling refers to those type of content where you can describe a brand and its activities which will help visitors to know the ins and outs about a brand.

Entertainment type Content

Entertainment type content refers to those contents which are primarily for amusement. Suppose, you could write your own story there and share it with readers.

However, this type of content is crucial because if you could entertain your visitors at least for once, they will bookmark your website on the browser and surely visit there for reading new articles.

In conclusion, it can be said that content is the primary branch for search engine optimization. Besides, regular content publishing can help you to rank fast on the search engine.

Remember that, quality content is considered as the part of “White SEO.” So, emphasize on posting quality contents from today and a few weeks later, check your “Alexa Rank” to discover the magic.

I am Mazharul, a passionate blogger. Although I am acting as a Digital Marketing Analyst, blogging is my passion. I like to share my thoughts with people, and I believe that it is only possible in blogging.

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