How To Write SEO Contents in 2019?

contents are very crucial for increasing traffic on your website. This is likely since by publishing some nifty contents, you can escalate visitors.

But, wait a minute.

This time has been over. You can not complete your duty by merely publishing content only.

Before posting content, you should think about a lot of things. However, I am not interested to make this indispensable factor complicated.

The first and foremost task is, you have to write an SEO friendly content for heightening visitors into your website.

Below, I will manifest few vigorous steps for writing an SEO-friendly content. If you are going to decide to start your career as a content writer, this can help you to make yourself more confident and successful in this particular field.

Select the appropriate topic

Most of the time, I notice that, so many writers choose the wrong title for their website for ranking fast,

However, before going to start writing, find an exact topic that could have enough demand amid visitors.

Moreover, make sure that, your selected topic doesn’t exist on search engine otherwise, your all hard word will in vain.

Another important thing is that keep your focus keyword on the title and it has active magnitude for being SEO compatible.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important for conceiving your market position, dictating compositors and measuring search volume.

However, as I saw that maximum individuals think that it is an easy task and eventually they complete it within just couple of minutes.

Trust me, your better market position is exhaustively depends on good and appropriate keyword research.

Suppose, if you only consider the search volume of a particular keyword and after that use it in the content, surely it won’t be fruitful. besides of considering search volume, you should also consider the competition of any keyword. If you select any keyword that has already high competition, it won’t be eventually worthy for you.

Moreover, you should keep a proper keyword categories knowledge that can help you to distinguish an exact keyword.


Remember that, reading is the most boring task for some people. So, if you want to keep them for reading your content, you should use several relevant and enchanting images so that after reading a paragraph, he can see a nice image which will illustrate any process or describe something.

Caution: using Irrelevant could make your visitors muzzy and they won’t come for the second time.

As a result, you can keep the minimum bounce rate by publishing successful content. So, there is no way to debase the power of images in the content

Write not less than 400 words

You should not write any content which is less than 400 words. Try to write some large contents in the rudimentary step so that you can rank your content and website quickly.

Do exactly according to nature of the title and type of content

If you decide to write any informative content, first, gain proper knowledge regarding the factor and after that, you should try to write about the topic.

If you are going to describe anything, try to describe exactly and in the easy way so that your readers could bookmark your site for the next visit.

if you write asymmetrically, readers will get nothing but pain and after that, they will not dare to come in this place for one more time even if you publish the exact thing after correcting your fault.

So, these all are the primary steps for beginner SEO content writers. These tips are entirely for 2019 so start your writing from this moment try only remember and follow these robust steps for achieving success in this field.

I am Mazharul, a passionate blogger. Although I am acting as a Digital Marketing Analyst, blogging is my passion. I like to share my thoughts with people, and I believe that it is only possible in blogging.

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