Online Marketing vs. Offline Marketinng-Which one is more important for your business in this time?

Marketing is an indispensable part for business since the preceding time. However, considering the present scenario, now, online marketing is considered as a vital part which is inextricably related to revenue. 

Marketing is the precondition of the business. It is wholly related to any business.

However, business growth is also concomitant with robust marketing strategies. Suppose, if you open a business and after a while, if you could not attain revenue from it, you may not like to expand it anymore.

The first question, which may rise in your mind that, this business is not worthwhile for you.

However, whenever you start to get profit from it, you might be more enthusiastic to extend that business. You will begin to image to open one more branch of your business.

It is likely since all entrepreneurs wish to be successful in the final stage. But, success relies on various factors.

Amid all of the factors, vigorous marketing strategies are fundamental.

This article will help you to dictate which type of marketing you should espouse from today, and it will exhibit why it is crucial for you.

Online & Offline Marketing

We can divide marketing procedures into two broad segments, and these are online marketing and offline marketing. First, let me introduce you to offline marketing as online marketing is the vast area.

Offline marketing means the traditional marketing system to attract your consumers using the diverse mediums. Yes, the advertisements you see on the television, newspapers or hear on the radio, these are the precise examples of traditional marketing.

Even, a gigantic billboard, brochures all the example of offline or traditional marketing. However, offline marketing mediums are remained in the first choice for disseminating advertises regarding any particular product or service.

On the other hand, online marketing refers to promulgate ads on the internet. The main intention of this marketing is to allure targeted customers and persuade them to buy goods.

These are the brief discussion for my new readers regarding Online Marketing and Offline Marketing. But, the question is-

Why and how online marketing strategies have been crucial for this time?

In here, I am going to demonstrate five reasons which will buttress online marketing so that you can easily understand.

Trends of Consumers

Here, my logic-1 is referring to the trends of consumers. In the earlier time, watching television or hearing radio was the prevalent source of entertainment.

But, contemporary trends are to check out Facebook notifications and watching ridiculous or prank videos, which could make you ludicrous for a temporary period. Or, watching any series on YouTube is another paramount source of amusement.

What I am seeking to make you understand that, you have to follow the trends of contemporary times.

No matter if you are a marketer or entrepreneurs, but, you should observe the activities and propensities of mass people, who are ultimately your consumers. 

Let’s see a practical example for better understand.

Okay, tell me, when you need to know about any specific product or services, what you do?

The typical scenario is- you bring the mobile and search on Google. After that, you will try to figure out the best website or company by comparing customer’s reviews.

However, in that case, you are not going to switch on your television for conceiving that which firm is giving advertise on the TV channels right!

Even, I do not believe that you will try to go outside for observing the billboards of that products or company.  

I hope, in this example, you have already conceived how online marketing is influencing individuals’ trends and why it is required in this dynamic period.


Logic 2 is unlike other reasons, and it is also noteworthy for small business.

Do you know the cost of advertising on Television? You have to pay at least $1500 for a 30 seconds commercial advertisement in the national broadcasting channel.

Yes, I am talking about the cost of the advertisement. It would not be a wise decision to spend this amount of money if you have a small business. Still, you need customers. You have to make more potential customers.

So, what is the solution to this impediment?

It is straightforward. You could choose search engines, social media for continuing product advertisements.

As a result, you could mitigate cost for advertising segment and ultimately, you can invest this money for expanding your business. 

Today’s Users are the Ultimate Consumers 

I deem that you know already about my 3rd logic. Do you know-

  • How many people are using the internet right now?
  • How many users are now on social media?
  • How many people are using search engines right now?
  • How many electronic gadgets have been sold out?

Look at the below image, and you will get the answer-

These all are your potential customers. If you establish bold online marketing strategies, you can quickly capture them for your product.

Marketing Custom Campaigns 

Online marketing can give you comprehensive flexibility to capture any potential market. You can run advertisements beyond your nation’s border.

Suppose, your business is in the US, but your consumers are not only confined to the US. They are from other countries.

So, in online marketing, you have the chance to select any specific country where you can run your product’s campaigns. Even, you can customize other factors too for making a campaign successful.

Track Sales & Revenue

Online marketing can give you the opportunity to use various analytical tools that could help you to conceive which campaign was fruitful in the last month.

What is more, analytical tools can give you the updates from time to time.

Yes, by using analytical tools, you can dictate every single segment. What is more important, you can figure out the strengths and vulnerabilities of your business.

Final Thoughts 

I am not gainsaying the importance of offline marketing exhaustively. Even, if you have an offline business, you can run online and offline marketing in a parallel way. Still, my recommendation is, you should more emphasize in online marketing.

Last but not least, business competition is escalating day by day as we all your rivals are becoming more potent. So, you should not squander any more time.

Before diving on the competition, you should make robust marketing strategies so that you can break down your rival’s monopoly and dominate in the market for a long time.

I am Mazharul, a passionate blogger. Although I am acting as a Digital Marketing Analyst, blogging is my passion. I like to share my thoughts with people, and I believe that it is only possible in blogging.

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    Should I take robust steps of digital marketing for my photo Studio?

    1. Yes, apparently, because when anyone will to figure out the best photo studio in the town, he would get about your studio.

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